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ConnecTel, A WCPL Company is one of the leading technology companies operating in the cities of Lahore Gujranwala and Multan. Services offered by ConnecTel include Internet Telephone Media and Solutions to Corporate clients, the company has deployed state-of-the-art infrastructure based on fibre and wireless That makes the services top of the line.

In a short span of time ConnecTel has spread its network in most of Lahore the company has established strategic relationship with global communication partners that gives us the ability to provide best services to our clients.

Our client range from major local companies to multinational operating in the industries of technology, health, education, finance, textile, retail and more.

ConnecTelís Data Communication services are delivered over our Carrier Class, High Speed, Multi Gigabit FTTU (Fiber to the user) and high speed Wireless Broadband Network. Our fiber optic technology allows businesses to meet increased data transfer demand, and our scalable network infrastructure can be used to connect multiple sites together to transfer unlimited amount of data at wire speed. Our network is ideal for quality intensive IP services like Live Video Streaming, Voice communication and Telepresence etc. Our network is designed with resilience in mind, thatís why it has in-built sophisticated auto failover and redundancy features which enable us to deliver services with 99.99% uptime.

ConnecTel uses state-of-the-art network infrastructure to deliver consistently Secure, Reliable and Efficient internet services. Our cutting edge FTTU (Fiber to the User) and Wireless technologies enable us to deliver ultra-high quality business centered internet services to our clients. We have redundant connectivity with our upstream providers and have multi-homing capabilities for failover. We have 24/7 network operations and technical support staff who continuously monitor the network and provide professional support to the customers.

ConnecTelís Metro Last Mile service provides a high speed Ethernet last mile for carriers and service providers i.e. ITSPs, ISPs, Telcos and ASPs. Our Metro Last mile services are delivered over our Carrier Class Ethernet FTTU(x) network. This service can be used by the Service Providers to connect their business partners and subscribers to their Data Centers and deliver their network services at wire-speed. Our network is ideal for New Generation IP services, which includes high density Voice, Video or Data applications. So having ConnecTel as a Last Mile Partner, service providers can focus on developing new and interesting set of services rather than managing the toughest part of the network i.e. The Last Mile.

ConnecTel specializes in providing most modern and state-of-the-art Voice communication solutions to the corporate sector. We have built a cluster of most advanced, business centered and stable VoIP services keeping in mind the ever-changing requirements of businesses. By providing high quality and cost effective solutions and services, we are penetrating very fast in the telecom market. Our zealous efforts to render a full-circle service, ensuring extreme stability and crystal clear QoS give us a leading edge over other VoIP providers in the country.

Our (IT) Information Technology solutions are specifically tailored to our clients' specific business needs. We work on our projects with a partnership approach by giving our clients proper time, taking them step-by-step through need analysis followed by a detailed and customized proposal for their specific requirements. Unlike other IT service providers, our solutions encompass strategic, operational, as well as "technical" understanding - ensuring that our valuable clients get reliable and cost-effective solutions that meet their exact requirements.

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UAN : (042) 111-700-007 or (042) 35171070-71
Fax : (042) 3520 1929
E-Mail : sales@connectel.com.pk